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06.Mar.2015 MoMA Recognizes Susan Kare

Congrats to Susan Kare for her MOMA recognition. I remember meeting & working with her on an icon design project very early in my career. This is very cool to see & well deserved award.

07.Aug.2013 Hiroshima Visualized

Some amazing, powerful visualizations of Hiroshima

13.Feb.2013 Staying Creative

09.Jan.2013 Pantone XMAS Balls

Just what every designer needs… Pantone inspired Christmas ornaments.

08.Jan.2013 New Art Sold

The best part of selling art is going to the person’s home, helping hang it in the perfect spot, and seeing the joy on their face when they step back and take it in for the first time. Enjoy your original Craig Moser Abstract Darrin. Looks awesome on the gray wall.


Friday night & I’m home reading about acrylics… yah, crazy life. But I couldn’t be happier #art #painting

16.Feb.2012 Interaction Design Channel on Vimeo

The Interaction Design Channel on Vimeo #awesome.

03.Feb.2012 Herb & Dorothy

HERB & DOROTHY Trailer from Herb & Dorothy on Vimeo.

31.Jan.2012 is LIVE

I’m really happy to announce that my new art site is officially live. I’ve been wanting to separate my professional (UX) and art paths for awhile and this is the first step in that direction. Please take a moment to visit the site… like us on Facebook and leave some feedback/comments.

29.Jan.2012 The Colour Clock

The Colour Clock – representing time as a hexadecimal color value.