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17.Mar.2015 CSS Sans… the first CSS webfont

CSS Sans claims to be the first webfont created entirely through modern CSS. Each individual letter is wrapped by a single DIV tag.

Rethinking the login screen

Excellent article from the folks over at GoSquared about the process & design thinking that went in to their recent overhaul of the login experience. Beautiful.

02.Mar.2015 Will you iWatch?

Very interesting article on fastcodesign on why they think the Apple iWatch is going to fail. I’ve never considered myself a full fledged Apple fanboy, but I do admit to having an excessive amount of “i” products in my possession. However, I stopped wearing watches years ago & I can’t see a path back – […]

18.Feb.2015 His And Hers Colors

Cool visualization showing popular color names mapped by gender preference. The visualization features a dot for each of the 2,000 most commonly-used color names by gender preference. The size of the circle corresponds with the color’s relative usage, with larger circles being the most commonly used color names. The circles are positioned horizontally by hue […]

Flight Stream Data Visualization

Flight Stream, a startling WebGL visualization of global flight data. Visualization porn for us data geeks.

02.Feb.2015 Word Map

A great project that uses the power of Google Translate and Wikipedia to put the relationship between language and geographical space into context.

06.Jan.2015 Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Reliving the Halo experience on my new Xbox One. The remastered graphics are truly impressive @ 1080p/60 frames per second.

24.Feb.2014 New friend

Found this little guy hanging around this past weekend. Had to get down low to grab the pic. Love the “What?” face.

2014 Corvette Stingray

This Arctic White beauty pulled up along side during my commute this morning. Gorgeous ride! Love the beautiful lines.

09.Aug.2013 Free icons

Really nice set of glyph icons… oh, and they are free to use